When in Doubt? Check-Em-Out! I Hired A Private investigator (PI) to Uncover My Cheating Spouse Deepest Desires

February 28, 2019

When in Doubt? Check-Em-Out! I Hired A Private investigator (PI) to Uncover My Cheating Spouse Deepest Desires.

BY Private Investigator

When in Doubt? Check-Em-Out! I Hired A Private investigator (PI) to Uncover My Cheating Spouse Deepest Desires.

hey, guys what's up its Private Investigator Tampa here today we're going to be looking at TOP 10 signs they're cheating on you! do you think your significant other whether it's your wife husband boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you this is one of the worst things that could happen to people ever but are they actually cheating or not well they might be in here eight signs they are and these aren't obvious things either these are things many people overlook however these signs are all from relationship experts and private detectives who have seen this hundreds of times but before we get into it why not subscribe and press the notification bell - coming up first we have a new look now what happens if your significant other suddenly starts taking a lot more care of themselves most people actually think this is a good thing for the relationship it shows the significant of it is putting in a lot of effort and cares what you think but often times that is not the case according to a private detective let's say your significant other has new cologne or perfume a new haircut or new clothing well that may not be for you instead they may be trying to impress someone else you might say do you have some important client meeting today and they may say yes something like that but in reality they're totally lying to you and a tourist when couples are really comfortable they won't suddenly start spending a ridiculous amount of time when they were parents if they didn't beforehand however for new relationships people always try and look their best to make a good first impression in the first few months so if you suddenly see this from your partner it could be a sign that they're cheating on you another thing to look out for is how much they're washing for example when your significant other comes home do they jump right in the shower they may be washing away evidence of cheating for example another person's perfumed doctor Phillips a relationship expert says you should look out for your partner's washing their clothes as soon as they get home again they could be washing away evidence of cheating like another person's perfume or cologne smell maybe they're just a clean freak or maybe they're having an affair never know next up is mood swings does it seem like your partner's nice to you one minute and then lashes out the next now of course your partner major speak going through something causing them to have a mood swing but that is not always the case and a lot of the time this give me their cheating on you but why would someone showing anger to you means they may be cheating well it's because they feel guilty and they're trying to justify their actions by blaming you maybe you do something very small and it totally freaks them out and gets them angry for no good reason or maybe you asked one simple thing like what did you do today and they freaked out they may be paranoid that you're on to them and then try and get defensive this is just them trying to justify their actions by blaming you which is never a healthy thing in any relationship so if you notice this happening a lot then be sure to either question them about cheating or leave them next up is phone privacy okay we all want privacy when it comes to our cell phones some couples may be okay with each other knowing each other's pass codes and checking out each other's phones but if your significant other isn't that is totally normal and not something you should be annoyed about however there is an issue if they're excessively private when it comes to their cell phone nowadays 60% of relationships begin on a phone whether it's a dating site or app or just somebody texting each other making plans that means if someone's cheating on you they'll definitely be evidence about it all over their phones if your partner didn't have a password on their phone before but now they do that could be a warning sign if you simply ask can I take a photo on your phone and they freak out this is a sign they have something to hide you may want to do something innocent like check the time or the weather they will freak out this means they don't want you to see any of their texts and emails with the person they're cheating on you with relationship guru dr. Phillips even says if they hide their cell phone when you're together this is also a typical sign of cheating this is because they're trying to avoid getting calls or texts whilst in your presence also if you ever call or text your client and they take ages to respond this is also a warning sign really they may be doing the same thing with a person they're cheating on so if you often call your pardon and they don't answer and late to say their phone was in their car then be sure to take note next step is changing what they like if you're in a relationship with someone you likely know what they like for example you probably know the kind of music they listen to well if the things they enjoy a suddenly changing this could be a good sign they're cheating maybe then you partner likes these things and they want to now like them too or maybe their secret lovers simply introduced them to new things now this is not a warning sign if it's just a few things but if there's many things changing in their life this could be a sign of cheating what you should do if you notice this is ask your partner why they suddenly like these things for example what sparks their change in preference of music or food if you guys have friends who have gotten relationships you know that people change a lot when in relationships and that's the same if someone's cheating they'll change depending on what their partner likes next up is not annoyed as much we all have that one thing our partners do that really annoys us maybe for girls is when their boyfriends walk around with no clothes on or maybe for guys it's when your girlfriend can't decide where she wants to eat whatever it may be if these things at once annoyed your partner suddenly doesn't that's actually a bad sign you may think that's them just getting used to you but instead it's them putting less importance on the relationship they're focused on their affair and not on your relationship so that's a sign of cheating the best way to tell if that's the case is by honestly asking though you could simply ask why they're acting so laid back in nothing's annoying them they may not tell you the truth but you can probably tell by their demeanor whether they're cheating or not next up is nonspecific answers is your partner being unusually untalkative well this could be a sign of cheating as they don't want you to know what they've been getting up to for example if you say to them hey what were you doing last night or what do you do today usually they'd have some anecdotes and tell you what they did but if they just give you a one-word answer like worked for relaxed then this is a bad sign if they can't go into any detail this probably means they're hiding something if they suddenly need to stay back late at the office and can't explain why that's a bad sign or if they're going on a business trip I can't tell you anything about where they're staying if that's also a sign they may be cheating this will become especially clear if you push back and ask why they're being so unspecific they may snap and get aggressive which we've already covered and is another sign of cheating coming up next is public displays of affection if there's one thing couples laugh its PDAs this means things like holding hands kissing hugging or even other things in public if you go to any park you'll see tons of young couples all over each other but according to a private investigator public displays of affection that may be key in filing out whether your partner's cheating or not now your partner may just be showing different signs of affection as the relationship grows and develops but what's not normal is if you see a massive change for example if they always used to hold your hand but now don't this means they're pulling away from the relationship not only emotionally but physically too also if they want to be seen with you less in public this is a warning sign partly it's because they don't want to run into anyone and then those people would know they're having an affair also if your partner backs away if you go in for a hug while out in public this means they've lost interest in you but according to relationship experts the best way to solve this is through communication you need to straight up ask your partner why they're not showing signs of public affection one of the worst things you can do is not talk about it so make sure you bring it up when you see it happening and finally on the list of signs they're cheating on you from a private investigator we have time without you now this one should be kind of obvious but it is often overlooked if you ask your partner to go somewhere with you and they say no I have other plans this is a bad sign now obviously they may just have other plans but if this happens a lot they're likely cheating if your partner simply wants to leave home without you all the time this may they're unfaithful also if your partner used to invite you on dates and to hang out with their friends but now doesn't this is a bad signal this means they're trying to avoid you and slowly break off the relationship a lot of the time people are too scared to just end the relationship and that's why they cheat so they may be hoping you'll just break up with them so they can cheat in peace also if you and your partner used to spend lots of time at home together but now they're always out that's a worrying sign as well this could mean they found someone new and you don't know anything about it so those are signals from relationship experts and private investigators your partner is cheating on you now don't worry if you see one of these signs it's likely nothing but if you see 2 or 3 of these signs then it could be something you need to talk about the best thing to do before acting irrationally is talking to your partner to check if they're really cheating it's normal for couples to get kind of jealous so try not to feel too embarrassed and be sure to comment down below if you can think of any other signs your partner could be cheating on you and be sure to comment down below if you have any other signs your partner may be cheating on you be sure to vote in the poll of the top right corner for the most effective sign to tell if someone's cheating on you I think it's them getting a new look as many people will not actually realize this or just think it's something good if you guys want more tips and awesome videos check out my YouTube channel they'll be a link to that coming up on the screen in a moment and I even show my face in some of the videos but as always thanks for watching be sure to check out some more videos on screen right now leave a like if you enjoyed and if you haven't already what are you waiting for subscribe to 


Dealing with a cheating partner is one of the most difficult challenges that you could ever face. In fact, you might be forced to take drastic decisions even when you do not have sufficient evidence. However, if you live in Florida, would it not be more rational to confirm all your suspicions and get substantial evidence before you take any decisions? In this case, you need a Licensed Private Investigator "Professional". That specializes in catching cheaters here are the TOP 10 SIGNS OF A CHEATING SPOUSE by Private Investigator. #Facts #Love #Relationships #PrivateInvestigator #Cheaters #Signs #Infidelity

Is She A Cheater? 10 Undeniable Signs She is Cheating on You!

1. She pays more attention to her phone than you.
2. She's less interested in sex.
3. Her social calendar is suddenly bursting at the seams.
4. She is accumulating new clothes at higher rates than usual.
5. She's overly concerned with your whereabouts.
6. She isn’t making plans.
7. She flirts with other people in front of you.
8. She starts pointing fingers in your direction.
9. She makes a point to say she’s unhappy.
10. She falls off the radar for large gaps of time.

Is He A Cheater? 10 Undeniable Signs He Is Cheating on You!

1. He starts dressing better
2. Guarding the Cellphone
3. Password Protecting Everything
4. He takes out new credit cards in his name
5. He begins making hurtful remarks about you
6. He begins to drop a female name into his conversations
7. Talking about how “ugly” or “horrible” a certain woman is
8. He suggests separate holidays
9. Doesn’t want sex
10. New Social media accounts

7 Advanced Tactics Private Investigator Use to Catch Cheaters

1. Cell Phone Hacking
2. GPS Tracking Devices
3. Surveillance Drones
4. Pre-Texting
5. Hidden Cameras
6. Hearing Devices
7. Voice Changer

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